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j coursey willis

“Just bought this song the other day and cant get enough of listening to it. Im a big fan of Eddie Vedder, Collective Soul, Shinedown and Ed Kowalcyzk and this guy is in the same league!”

- iTunes

“Great Song!This track has great potential has a hit maker, first, the lyrics in the song have meaning, the track also has a strong back beat as the song progresses, the intro sets the song up with the acoustic guitar, then there’s a little metal guitar inter woven in the song to give the song the ability to meet the country, and rock genres.”

- ReverbNation

“Walk On is sooo good but I need more! I need the whole album!”

- FaceBook

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As one reviewer from ReverbNation put it, J. Coursey Willis “is very talented. The lovely guitar melody complements that powerful and genuine voice. That vocal range is impressive. The lyrics were poetic and creative, and they were sung with such great emotion. The chorus didn’t disappoint for all the buildup that it was given, and the vocals never falter for a second … An excellent performance …” In short, if you are a fan of legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots,  and others like them, J. Coursey Willis is a must have for your collection.

Fusing elements of old school rock and blues with an acoustic influence, J. Coursey Willis captures the listener and takes them on a dark gritty journey filled with a regret less caged rage that creeps through his soulful vocals.

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… all aboard the train to windy hill