When & Where To Be

upcoming shows and tour dates

Date City Venue Country
08/18/17 Grasonville, MD Red Eye’s Dock Bar United States
Time: 8:30pm. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 428 Kent Narrow Way North. Venue phone: 410-827-3937. Full Band
08/27/17 Vienna, MD Layton’s Chance Vineyard & Winery United States
Time: 1:00pm. Address: 4225 New Bridge Road. Venue phone: 410-228-1205. Solo Unplugged
09/10/17 Grasonville, MD Big Owl Tiki Bar United States
Time: 3:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 3015 Kent Narrows Way South. Venue phone: 410-827-6523. Full Band
09/23/17 Ridgely, MD Ridgely Historical Society – Ridgely 150th Anniversary United States
Time: 2:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Venue phone: 410-634-9235. Solo Unplugged

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