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The long-awaited debut EP, Missing October, released on May 31, 2015. Download your copy today!

This download includes both WAV and 320kbps MP3 files as well as album art for your media player.

You will receive a ZIP folder with all the contents. Simply download it, double-click it to unzip it, and load the WAV or MP3 files into your favorite player or device such as, iTunes or an iPod. Feel free to email info@jcourseywillis.com for any help, questions, or comments.

1. Walk On
2. Fools
3. They Still Follow
4. Rain
5. Save Me
6. Inside Me Now

Bryan Ewald: Guitar, Keys, Strings Arrangement
Steve Wright: Strings Arrangement
Rami Jaffee: Hammond B3 Organ
Dan Carlisle: Bass
Jason Butcher: Drums
J. Coursey Willis: Vocals, Guitar

Songs written by J. Coursey Willis
Produced by Bryan Ewald, Steve Wright, J. Coursey Willis
Recorded January-May 2015 at Wright Way Studios & The Elsewhere Room by Steve Wright & Bryan Ewald
Mixed at Wright Way Studios by Steve Wright
Mastered at Goldtone Masterworks by Tony Eichler
Artwork & Design by Tucker Joenz & J. Coursey Willis
Photography by Tucker Joenz