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Pre-Order Missing October Only At PledgeMusic

It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce May 31, 2015 as the official release date of my debut EP, Missing October ... 6 songs consisting of 5 new tracks and a totally revamped version of "Walk On"! I am...

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“The track has a very country-rock sound and the singer’s delivery was pleasantly staccato, imparting a jazz or even R&B feel to the song in places. I think this has the potential to be a hit in two genres; I know I had a lot of fun listening to it!”

- Audiokite

“I really enjoyed this song, it reminded me of the bands I loved during the 90s. Excellent vocals!”

- Audiokite

“What I liked about this song is that I can relate to a lot of the lyrics and what the singer of the song is saying. He has a beautiful voice and I think what he’s singing is really meaningful.”

- Audiokite