I am thrilled to announce that the first single, “Walk On”, from what was to be my debut album will be released in August 2014!

It has been a long journey to this point, where at times I didn’t think I could make it. However through the dedication and hard work of my recording team and support of friends and family, I turned my face to the wind and pushed on.

The first pre-production recordings I made took place three years ago at Paquin House Recording in Chester, MD with Eric Paquin and Chuck Hurley. I spoke with Eric one day and said, I’d like to record a few acoustic demos of my material. He said great and after a few long nights of recording with the aid of Mr. Beam and Mr. Daniels, I walked to the edge of one of the tallest most intimidating cliffs in my mind, stared down at the sea of “What If’s” and jumped in head first. And so the road to a full instrument, multi song album began. Two and a half years later and after countless nights of pouring all we had into recording, we had 16 tracks laid down.

I took the 16 pre-production tracks to Garrett Davis at West Main Recording in Salisbury, MD. Here I hit a fork in the road. Path one – continue with the release of a 16 track album, which if you don’t know, is rather insane these days, or path two – release one single and move on from there. Garrett sat me down like a wise father talking to an wild eyed teenager and convinced me to release my tracks in a series of singles and EPs. “Walk On” was picked as the track to release first and so a my journey down this new path began.

I recorded a good portion of tracks at West Main, but also spent a lot of time with my friend Bryan Ewald at his private studio recording guitar tracks and vocals. Once all the tracks were deemed acceptable, Garrett took time out of his busy schedule working on OAR and Needtobreathe projects to edit and mix my new song. One day I received a call from Garrett and he said “I’m sending the mix of “Walk On” over to you now.” I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve where the wait for Christmas morning is almost unbearable. Then finally … I received the file. I was blown away! I could not believe how far the song had come from its roots as an acoustic demo. The work that Garrett and Bryan put into this song was amazing. These guys are talented!

So after mixing comes mastering to polish the song up for its release. I contacted Dave McNair in NYC to perform the final sonic massaging “Walk On” needed. I’d like to mention just a few of the artists Dave has worked with:

Bob Dylan
David Bowie
Bruce Springsteen
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
Patti Smith
Willie Nelson
Rod Stewart
Gaslight Anthem
Maroon 5
The Doobie Brothers
Buddy Guy
Hollywood Undead
Soul Asylum
The Derek Trucks Band
Susan Tedeschi
Melissa Etheridge
Demi Lovato
Sum 41
Smash Mouth
Five For Fighting
Miles Davis
John Mayal

So you can see why I felt confident that my hard work was in the right hands. I recently received the mastered version of “Walk On” from Dave’s office and it could not have turned out better.

I am now in the final stages of artwork for the release. Jake Swinney has always been my go to guy for video production and artwork so I highly recommend him if anyone has a need for video talents.

The song is ready, the artwork will be done soon, and then it will be digitally released to the masses. I will keep everyone updated on the exact release date and upon release you will be able to find “Walk On” on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Facebook, Spotify, and many more. Until then, thank you all for your love and support. It means the world to me!

P.S. I included a streaming version of the song at the top so you can take a listen before it is officially released.